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If you are looking for where to Buy 2X Growkit Pajaritos Magic Truffle now, cheap 2X Growkit Pajaritos Magic Truffle uk, then PsychedelicTrips is here for you. Just place your order and we will surprice you with the fastest, safe and discreet delivery you could every imagine.Please do not store them longer then 1 month in the fridge after receiving the growkit to provide a good and healthy grow.

How is Pajaritos Magic Truffle Growing Kit?

This is a container that comes closed and has all the elements necessary to produce hallucinogenic Truffles automatically. Thanks to this product you do not need to know anything about how to create magic truffles, as it comes prepared so that you do not have to do anything but follow the simple instructions that it has.

Which are the steps to produce Pajaritos Truffles?

  1. First step is to uncover the container and leave it open for 3 days. Don’t throw away the lid, you’ll need it
  2. After this time, place the contents on the container lid to clean it
  3. Place the lid with the contents inside under running tap water
  4. Stir the lid well so that it releases everything and only the truffles remain on it
  5. When truffles are clean, they can be removed from the lid and dried with a cloth
  6. Consume, dry or store them in the fridge for up to 15 days

What advantages do I have by producing my own Pajaritos magic truffles?

  1. By growing the kit yourself you can be 100% sure of the product you are consuming
  2. It’s the best way to get fresh truffles
  3. It is much cheaper than buying cultivated truffles
  4. Satisfaction of producing your own magic truffles

How much harvest of Magic Truffles can I expect with this kit?

Total production of sclerotia Pajaritos is 8 portions, which is usually enough for several people to trip. The weight content may vary depending on the freshness of the product, but several factors should be taken into account before deciding on the right dose for each person.



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