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10ML syringe of original penis envy spores, suspended in sterile aqueous solution, for microscopy use only.

Each syringe comes in sterile individual packaging, including one sterile unopened 16g needle for dispensing solution on microscopy slides.


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Buy Penis Envy Mushroom Online 

Buy Penis Envy Mushroom, these mushrooms are characterized by their mutant penis like appearance.

They are typically thick, gnarly stemmed mushrooms with a bulbous cap that only sometimes separates from the stem, at least with the true genetics.

We have seen tons of fables and stories of how this particular strain originated, but it is our opinion that no one really knows.

If you look around you will see images of what people call Penis Envy (PE).

The mushrooms are usually small, and the cap fully opens like a normal cubensis that is about to drop spores.

This substrain contains inferior genetics to the once legendary strain that it once was. This is mostly due to poor spore collection techniques.

Spore vendors will often take the easy way out and only take spores from the gills of mushrooms that have open caps, so that they don’t have to cut them open to get the spores.

Penis envy is supposed to look similar to a penis. You ever seen a penis with a flat head?

Penis Envy Mushrooms Genetics

PE is the result of a recessive genetic mutation.

In the Jamaican and European labs where this strain is frequently (and legally) cultivated, it has been observed that these unique mushrooms can “revert” back to basically a regular looking cubensis mushroom.

What this means (in theory), in layman’s terms, is the subject lost a copy of the mutation on the DNA allele, meaning the subject is still halfway penis envy.

But the mutation is not physically apparent until the subject has both copies of the mutation on the same allele.

For more information about this read here on wikipedia: recessive genetic mutation


This strain is said to be ultra potent, sometimes called the most potent of all the magic mushrooms. Buy Penis Envy Mushroom Online

Some people speculate that the increased potency is because PE is a “mutant,” but the truth of the matter is simple.

Penis envy is a strain that grows much slower than normal cubensis mushrooms.

The result of the slower growth is a longer window of psilocybin production, thus  the mushrooms are capable of, and often cubensis do contain more psilocybin gram for gram than normal cubensis mushroom strains.


Despite many misleading and ignorant claims on a certain mushroom forum website, the spores of these mushrooms are no different than any other Cubensis strain.

They are the same size, shape and color when viewed under a microscope.

There is a big difference in spore production when compared to traditional Cubensis strains, however.

PE does not open it’s cap in a normal way, and cannot be harvest like traditional magic mushroom spores.

Therefore penis envy mushroom spores can only be purchased in a spore syringe, since it is not possible to make spore prints.

*Spores are sold strictly for microscopy/taxonomy/collection purposes.

Pictures and information are for educational purposes only, and originate from labs outside of the United States.

Note: Do not contact us about mushroom cultivation, we do not have that information, and do not provide it. 



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