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Buy Magic Truffle Growkit Online/Magic truffle Growkit for sale

Magic truffle grow kit for sale. Magic Truffles actually are not truffles, but sclerotia. The nickname comes from the fact that they grow under the ground just as the real truffles. Sclerotia are also known as Philosophers’ Stones and trip rocks. Sclerotia contain both psilocin and psilocybin, the active substances in Magic Mushrooms. Find Hollandia, Utopia, Atlantis, Gallendoi, Mexican, and Tampanensis magic truffles right here! On of the most popular Magin truffle online item is the Growkit fantasy magic truffle.

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Please do not store them longer then 1 month in the fridge after receiving the growkit to provide a good and healthy grow.

Instructions for the Magic Truffle Growkit:

1 – Remove the lid of the inner (transparent) box, and keep it open like this for three days.

2 – After three days, put the truffle (inner box) contents into the lid of the outer box.

3 – Use the holes of the outer box as a strainer, running tap water through it. Rinse it off with cold water until only truffles are left inside the lid. Shake the lid a little while doing so.

4– If you aren’t going to eat the truffles now, keep them in the fridge. They stay fresh for at least two weeks.



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